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Come Meet Leitreanna Terry-Brown

About the Author

Leitreanna Terry-Brown is a fourth generation paranormal investigator. She is also a shaman, storyteller, paranormal investigator, and public speaker.  She has studied the Chakra orientation, Native American Folklore, and is a registered Analytical Problem Solving Trainger.  Together with her husband, Matthew Brown they have formed two paranormal groups. One of the groups allows investigation participation by both team members and family. It is called the Paranormal Research Organization of the Southeast (PROS).  The other group is an entirely family-run operation called the Family Spirit. 

Leitreanna Terry-Brown has done a paranormal investigation in a number of exciting locations including Europe.

As a Reiki Master, she is a student who studies three different energy types. 

In addition to her other accomplishments Leitreanna as been the spokes model for numerous commercial agencies such as: Pepsi, Black Velvet, Matilda Bay, Michelin, and Miss English Leather. Her resume also includes being the emcee for the Balloon Races in Asheville, NC and the Belle Chere Pageants. Leitreanna has also served as Queen for Miss Cover Girl, Miss Savannah River and is the recipient of more than 250 crowns. 

Her career began at the age of four when she did a television commercial for Romper Room. Also placing her in a variety of commercials, magazines, and TV spots. 

Come meet Leitreanna Terry-Brown at the Deep South Para-Comi-Con on August 19-20, 2023 in Ozark, Alabama.  She will be offering two workshops:

  1. Peek into Ghost Hunting
  2. Your Psychic Journey