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Richard & Colleen Johnson

Ethereal Voices Paranormal EVP

The names behind the paranormal team of “Ethereal Voices Paranormal-EVP” are Richard and Colleen Johnson. Richard has been in the business of paranormal investigation for 25 years. He has been featured in newspapers, magazines, on television, and even in two books!

Famous Photograph

Richard Johnson took a photograph of an apparition he saw at Fort Morgan. His photo has been used as the foundation of the Expedition X, season 4 episodes 5 & 6 investigation.

A Team Effort

Together, Richard and Colleen Johnson are the founders of the paranormal team, Ethereal Voices Paranormal. 

Colleen Johnson is the other half of the EVP team and she has been a paranormal investigator for 12 years.

Come Meet the Johnsons!

If you want to learn more about the husband/wife duo that makes up Ethereal Voices Paranormal, now is your chance! Richard and Colleen Johnson will be at the Deep South Para-Comi-Con on September 14 & 15, 2024. Purchase your tickets today to ensure you don’t miss the opportunity to meet this exciting, paranormal duo!