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American Demon Comics

Austin Light

In 2019, Austin Light formed Envy Webtoons out of what began as a “guinea pig” project. Then, in 2022, he founded American Demon Comics, where he is a writer, artist, web designer, and producer.

College Graduate

Austin Light graduated from the University of Alabama Huntsville in 2020 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. He studied under Nathan Massengill and Kevin Stokes of Lowe Mill Arts.

Spearheading his Brand as a Comic Business

Mr. Light works hard and is dedicated to increasing his brand and spearheading it into the comic business. He has big ideas that will carry his Envy Webtoon and other projects into the future. Envy is a series that questions morality, personifying demons and where they fit in on earth and in heaven.

Advocate for Fitness and Personal Health:

Austin Light is a personal trainer who has been helping people reach their goals for more than ten years. He states that his role as a personal trainer is somewhere between a physical therapist and a gym coach. As a Shonen Athletics Personal Trainer, he helps people of all ages reach their fitness goals, from beginners and teens to the more advanced and seniors. He focuses on athleticism, teaching people to incorporate stretching, pre-hab movements, and mobility. The goal of his workouts is to prevent the need for physical therapy.

Come Meet Austin Light!

If you are intrigued by Austin Light, the man, you can meet him. Simply purchase tickets to the Deep South Paracomi-con this September 14th and 15th! Check out what the future holds for the Envy Webtoon and get a sneak peek at some of his future projects!