Deep South Para-Comi-Con

Oct. 5 – Oct. 6, 2024 in Ozark, Alabama  Buy Now


Workshops being offered for the 2023 season are as follows. These are submitted by fans and staff alike:

Peek into Ghost Hunting

Have you ever wondered about the paranormal or have you ever seen a spirit and wanted to learn more about the unexplained? Leitreanna Brown is here to guide you in the right direction.

In this workshop as well as in her book, she helps you understand the history and a guide to what equipment you may need to do your very own ghost hunting or to help you set up your own ghost-hunting team. She guided you in how a ghost-hunting team should be put together and to watch out for what is fake and what is real.

Leitreanna Brown is the fourth generation of ghost hunters within her family and even her own family plays a big part in what she does.

Space is limited!

Your Psychic Journey

Everyone has psychic abilities. Do you know yours?

We will learn about different types of psychic abilities and then try some divination experiments. You can identify your talents and interests! Don’t worry if you don’t have a partner to do divination experiments with. Everyone can work together. Let’s start running toward your journey of the Supernatural.

Space is limited!

Helping Children with Gifts

*Note: This workshop is for parents. However, children of all ages are welcome to attend.

Blaine Rohan along with Leitreanna & Matt Brown are offering this workshop for the parents of children who are believed to be spiritually gifted.

Come learn how to support your child, and understand their gifts, while helping them become successful people.

Some topics that will be discussed are how to manage and support your child’s abilities. However, we will, also, discuss the various behaviors these children exhibit; children hearing voices, experiencing night terrors, discussing children who might have a past life awareness, children that feel or see spirits, and help a parent to understand what can be done to help the child experience a more normal day-to-day lifestyle.

We will offer you some techniques you can implement into their daily routine, and help them to manage their gifts. Having the right tools is imperative to help a child with special gifts.

Space is limited!

Find Out What Your Spirit Animal Is

Have you ever wondered if you have a spirit animal? Could you have more than one spirit animal that guides you? How would you pick one?

Spirit animals help us feel a bit more in tune with our planet. They also guide us toward the right decisions in life.

In this workshop, Blaine Rohan will help you to discover how spirit animals alert us, protect us, and guide us. You will also learn how to identify them.

Space is limited!

Mystical Belly Dance​

Jessica Shirvan is a professional belly dance instructor and performer with over ten years’ experience, as well as a paranormal and ufology enthusiast. Traveling to us from Panama City, her troupe, The Parvanas, has hosted a Halloween and Horror themed belly dance show for the past 8 years, Harem of Horror, held at the haunted music venue, Robert’s Hall.

Jessica will be presenting a 1-hour class focused on taking basic belly dance movements, combined with the use of small candles, to create an alluring and mystical energy and flow. Candles used will be flameless and are provided for all students. She invites all fitness levels and welcomes all genders to participate in this fun, magical movement workshop.

Space is limited!

Helping you be your own cure

Helping you be your own cure” is the mission of UWOH. 

Jennifer is always willing to share her knowledge with others to assist them on the path to health and happiness. As an experienced healer, she works with her clients to find a treatment plan that works best for each individual on their journey to healing and helping them be their own cure. Jennifer uses her extensive knowledge of alternative healing modalities and how the mind, body, and spirit work together, to promote spiritual peace and healing from the inside out.

Come experience what she can do to help you by signing up for her workshop


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Alabama Road Shows

Alabama Road Shows is an open-door film distribution organization that hosts public screenings of independent films to help them secure funding for future film projects, while the filmmakers maintain ownership of said projects.

ARS hosts screenings at Theaters, Outdoor Venues, Public Hangouts, Private Venues, Local Festivals and Pop Culture Expos and Conventions.

We offer our service for free to local independent filmmakers, and split admission revenue with them as well. Our goal is to get recognition and appreciation for Alabama Filmmakers who are just now finding their footing in the industry, and have incredible stories to tell on Screen.

Space is limited!