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Matthew Brown

Matthew Brown

Growing up, Matthew experienced spiritual activities that many people had never seen and lived in a violently haunted home.

Paranormal Experience

At 15 years old, he took on a cursed house and concurred. He is actively serving in the Army and is a veteran. He is a Reiki Master and has taught many people about energy and how it works. He is the founder of the Paranormal Research Organization of the Southeast (Paranormal PROS) and is a Professor at Piedmont Technical College teaching with his wife, Leitreanna Brown, on Parapsychology.


He co-authors the Family Spirit books through Mike Ricksecker’s publishing, Haunted Road Media. Matthew and Leitreanna’s 5 books entitled Family Spirit, A Journey with Crypts and Cryptids.

Matthew’s book about his experiences in a violently haunted home was filmed and aired as “The Coven” on Paranormal Witness. He was also on the premiere episode of Ghost Inside My Child with his son, Elijah Brown, My Ghost Story Caught on Camera, “The Screenwriter and the Soldier.”