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Ghostbuster Ben Brackin

Ghostbuster Ben Brackin

Ben Brackin lives in Dothan, Alabama, and has testified to experiencing several occasions involving the paranormal. Discovering the trailer park he and his wife lived in was haunted was an exciting experience. In addition to learning practically every residential building on the lot is also haunted.

Wrestling Scene

His career began as a cameraman/ring crew for the Southeast Extreme Wrestling team in Dothan, Alabama. He has worked extremely hard, training with several people, over the years to make a success of this career, however, fate would intervene. 

Forced into retirement a couple of years ago due to physical injuries that prevented his abilities with Southeast Extreme Wrestling.  After multiple neck surgeries and a nerve release surgery in his left arm, Ben was limited to behind-the-scenes work. 

Today he is the voice of Nu-Wave Wrestling. He is back enjoying being part of the Nu-Wave Wrestling team.

Experience with the Paranormal

Ben has been in the paranormal business for nearly 15 years. He currently anticipates becoming a full-time member of the Alabama Ghostbusters team. However, he continues to participate in events to maintain paranormal knowledge and admiration of the team.

A Love for Wearing Costumes

Wearing costumes on Halloween and participating in Ghostbuster events is something Ben Brackin enjoys doing. It is exhilarating to see the look on his fans’ faces when dressed in full costume! He also enjoys watching movies and sharing ghost stories with others, these events are great ways to bring people closer. In addition, he enjoys sharing with the children his giant inflatable StayPuft Marshmallow Man character.

Future Projects in the Works

Ben Brackin is currently working on refurbishing his old 1987 Dodge Dakota Pickup to resemble the infamous Ghostbuster Ecto 1. In addition, he creates his own ghost-trapping devices and proton packs.

Come Meet Ben Brackin!

Come and meet Ben Brackin live and up close at the 2nd Annual Deep South Para-Comi-Con in Ozark, Alabama. He will be here during the event scheduled for September 14 & 15, 2024. Ben is interested in booking special events and parties as a Ghostbuster. So come to the DSPCC and book an event or party with Ben!