Deep South Para-Comi-Con

Sept. 14 – Sept. 15, 2024 in Ozark, Alabama  Buy Now


Alabama Road Shows is an open-door film distribution organization that hosts public screenings of independent films to help them secure funding for future film projects, while the filmmakers maintain ownership of said projects. ARS hosts screenings at Theaters, Outdoor Venues, Public Hangouts, Private Venues, Local Festivals and Pop Culture Expos and Conventions. We offer our service for free to local independent filmmakers, and split admission revenue with them as well. Our goal is to get recognition and appreciation for Alabama Filmmakers who are just now finding their footing in the industry, and have incredible stories to tell on Screen.

Paranormal Panel

Join us for a Q&A Panel with our Paranormal Guest.

On August 19th, at 8:45 PM we will ask our Paranormal Guest to hold a Question and Answer session in one of our conference rooms. You can ask them anything you want to know. We do ask that you have your questions ready before you get in the room.

We are limited on space so get your ticket for this as soon as you can to assure you have a spot.

Guest that will be at the panel table:

American Demon Comics

Austin Light Comic artist and writer.
Creator of Envy on Webtoons and American Demon Comics.
Graduated with BFA from UAH in 2020 Took classes from Kevin Stokes and Nathan Massengill from Lowe Mill arts.

I began Envy in 2019 as my guinea pig project to get into Webtoons. This past year I have dedicated my life to growing it to a fuller potential and branding as the spear head for a comic business. There is much more to come from Envy and future projects.

Envy is a Webtoon series that works with the questions of morality to that of personified demons and their respective realms, and how they mingle with heaven and earth. The front is Envy being brought into the world and taking on all that is the flesh. Love, jealousy, rage, displacement, lies, and truth. These first thought to be bereft curses will have to be used as newly refined swords.

Ghost Hunting on a Budget.

The ladies from the team Ghost Hunting House Wives will explain how to do ghost hunting on a budget. It’s about some great tips and tricks, they’ve picked up over the years. From styrofoam cups to printed color/shape cards. That’s why they started making equipment to show you don’t have to spend thousands to have great equipment and tools.

What it Takes to Be a Hollywood Stunt Performer - with William R. Perry

So…you just watched Ryan Gosling in The Fall Guy and that looks like fun, right? You think to yourself, “I could do that!”

There are a lot of common misconceptions about what it takes to be a movie and television stunt performer, and William is here to set the record straight.

Find out what it really takes to make it in the business of making movies and TV as a stunt performer from a 12-year veteran of shows like A Nightmare On Elm Street 3, 4 and 6, Predator 2, The Return of the Living Dead Part 2, Home Alone 2, The Lost Boys, License To Drive, Star Trek, The Next Generation and many more.

From the hard skills you need to have (and the ‘soft skills’ you might have overlooked), William will track his journey from a struggling wanna-be to a working professional.

We’ll talk about:

Whether you’re serious about pursuing a film career or you just want to hear crazy on-the-set stories, William is here to give you the facts.

A Q & A period follows, where you can follow up with any questions you might have.

It’s a fun ride…are you game?