Deep South Para-Comi-Con

Sept. 14 – Sept. 15, 2024 in Ozark, Alabama  Buy Now

Haunted Investigation Event

Join Us for a Hands-On Haunted Investigation

Are you coming to the Deep South Para-Comi-Con? Don’t miss the opportunity to join our guest Paranormal Investigators on an actual haunted investigation. We’re holding a Haunted Investigation Event. It will be at a Haunted Building only a few minutes away from the main activities. Come put your investigative skills to the test.

Our professional Paranormal Investigators will take small groups through the investigative process. This will allow everyone to be hands-on during the investigation. You’ll learn what professional paranormal investigators do during reports of hauntings and spiritual activities.

Webb Paranormal Group will be providing some investigative equipment, but participants are encouraged to bring their own. We encourage all guests to take videos and photos, but we ask that you tag us, so we can see how much fun your experience was!

Join Us for a Hands-On Haunted Investigation

The location we’ll be investigating has an interesting history. Built-in 1982, the building was intended to be an art gallery and frame shop. Eventually, it was turned into a nightclub that saw a rough crowd. It was reported one of the many fights resulted in the shooting death of a young man. Paranormal Investigators have recorded ghostly gunshots on the upper floor and back stairwell.

The stories indicate that after the nightclub shut down, the building was used as a haunted house. However, the occupants supposedly left most of their things behind, as if they left in a hurry. The building sat vacant for several years before a magician and his wife purchased it. They opened a Magic shop with escape rooms. Since then they have amassed a collection of haunted items. Many of these items are from other magicians who died several years ago, bringing them into the shop. As his fascination grew, so did his collection.

Employees have experienced several unexplainable events that need to be investigated.

Tickets for the Event

Ticket prices are $50 per person.
The tickets are separate purchases from the Deep South Para-Comi-Con tickets. You can attend either or both events, but we encourage you to join us for both!
The Haunted Investigation Event is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to get your investigative feet wet alongside professional Paranormal Investigators. Buy your tickets now! We look forward to seeing you!