Deep South Para-Comi-Con

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Teresa Fikes

Teresa Fikes

Teresa Fikes is the Co-founder of Webb Paranormal Group, working in the capacity of investigator, marketing, and historical research. Webb Paranormal Group was founded as a means to uncover the many questions left unanswered when a person dies. Working alongside my husband and the team to investigate paranormal activity in an attempt to find these answers. Webb Paranormal Group works hard in our attempt to aid both the living and deceased in understanding the “Why” and perhaps give them some peace.

With this in mind, Webb Paranormal Group put together a plan to bring other paranormal enthusiasts together. Bringing forth the idea of the Deep South Para-Comi-Con, of which Teresa is the current Director of Marketing.

A Well Rounded Individual​

Besides her interest in the paranormal, Teresa has completed several courses of study.  She has studied Media Communications, Web Design, and Development. Her professional attributes include acting as administrator for Arden Marketing Enterprises, Sunnyside Lane Hobby Farm, and The Webb Radio Network

She has extensive experience editing, rewriting, and proofing articles for a website before adding content. Teresa is the published author of several books. Some of her popular works include Spirit Guides: Work and Bond with Your Spirit Guide and Prisoners from the Grave: The Hauntings of Pauly Jail in Union Springs.  Another interesting book by Teresa is an actual “road map” throughout the state of Alabama. Take a trip to several popular (and some not so popular) of the scariest places in the State of Alabama. The Most Haunted Places in the State of Alabama, USA: Some of the Scariest Places to visit in Alabama (An A-Z Series of Haunted Places in the United States)

Besides her many written achievements, Teresa is also an avid genealogist, historian, and of course, paranormal investigator!

Come Meet Teresa Fikes in Person!​

You can meet Teresa in person, at the DSPCC on September 14 & 15, 2024 at the Ozark Civic Center in Ozark, AL. Purchase your tickets in advance by visiting the Deep South Para-comi-con site. Discover for yourself why it is known as the “portal to your imagination”!

Order Book

Spirit Guides: Work and Bond with Your Spirit Guide Kindle Edition

Have you ever felt your stomach tickle and known that something bad was going to happen? Has your significant other cheated on you, but you knew before the truth came to the surface because you had a feeling? Unexplainable by science, these feelings are often signs from our spirit guides.

Our spirit guides are sent to watch over us from life to death. They help guide us in life so that we realize our full potential and protect us from harm. In this book, you will learn about developing your relationship with these wonderful forms so that you may experience greater success.

What you will learn:

  • What spirit guides are
  • Which areas of life your spirit guide can influence
  • How to know when your guide is talking to you
  • Recognizing the signs from your guide
  • Alternative methods for contacting your guide
  • How to create a communicative relationship with your guide
  • Best methods to speak with your guide

What are you waiting for? Unlock the secrets to communicating with your spirit guides by purchasing this book today!

Prisoners from the Grave: The Hauntings of Pauly Jail in Union Springs Kindle Edition

If it’s the paranormal and out of the ordinary activity that gets your blood going; then “Prisoners of the Grave” is just the book for you. There is a little bit of everything in this tale of the old Pauly Jail aka Bullock County Jail Museum. There is the history behind the jail, stories about two of the famous hauntings by J.W. Mann and Aberdeen Johnson. You will even get a brief history lesson into the early days of the Southern USA states following the Civil War. As well as a history of the Criminal Justice system from the early years of the Great Depression up through the Civil Rights Act of 1964. There is even some history of how African American’s were treated differently in the Northern states then the Southern states. “Prisoners of the Grave” finishes off with some real-life testimonials of the Webb Paranormal Group team members as well as have photographs of actual footage taken in the jail. We sincerely hope you enjoy the book; perhaps it might entice you to take your next vacation to Bullock County, Alabama to take a visit of the old jail yourself?

The Most Haunted Places in the State of Alabama, USA: Some of the Scariest Places to visit in Alabama (An A-Z Series of Haunted Places in the United States) Paperback – December 8, 2020

Have you ever wanted to take a road trip through the scariest parts of the state of Alabama? If this idea thrills you (and recent events prevent travel) then this book “The Most Haunted Places in the State of Alabama, USA” is for you. You can sit back and take a trip through the pages of our book to all the scariest haunts in Alabama. From real-life haunted houses/hotels to jails, battlegrounds, and cemeteries. You will find yourself thrilled as you read each page. There are even some photographs of some of the more popular sites. This book is certain to quench your thirsty desire for all things paranormal. Perhaps, you will be able to take it with you, to use as your guide, when taking a for-real road trip to visit these places. We sincerely hope you will enjoy this read!