Deep South Para-Comi-Con

Sept. 14 – Sept. 15, 2024 in Ozark, Alabama  Buy Now

Science of the Spirit World? Explore Parapsychology with Leitreanna Terry-Brown


Parapsychology 101 serves as a foundational exploration of phenomena existing at the fringes of established scientific understanding. Leitreanna will delve into concepts like extrasensory perception (ESP), encompassing telepathy, precognition, and psychokinesis. 

The curriculum emphasizes a critical approach, equipping you with the tools to discern fact from fiction within the realm of the paranormal. We will explore historical and cultural perspectives on these experiences, examining how humanity has grappled with the unexplained throughout time. 

Finally, Leitreanna will introduce established research methodologies used in parapsychology, fostering a deeper understanding of the challenges and ongoing efforts in this field. By the course’s conclusion, you will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to embark on your own informed exploration of the paranormal.

September 14, 2024 - September 15, 2024
10:00 am - 12:00 am
Ozark, Alabama 36301
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