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Jolene Fine

Jolene Fine is an accomplished writer whose passion for storytelling began in her youth, fueled by a love for reading and a vibrant imagination. Specializing in young adult sci-fi/fantasy, her writing style has evolved from descriptive to symbolic, crafting unique narratives that captivate readers. In the young adult series “Foster Worlds,” starting with “Kalani: Shadows of Destiny,” Jolene explores themes such as technology’s impact, resilience, family dynamics, and faith, drawing inspiration from literary greats like Lois Lowry and Nathaniel Hawthorne. Her personal journey as a former foster child infuses her work with empathy and understanding. Through various mediums and personal connections with readers, Jolene aims to inspire hope and purpose, leaving a lasting impact on those who delve into her captivating worlds. Currently, she is working on the July 1, 2024 release of the next upcoming installment in her series, “Kalani: Mists of Despair.” In this book, her hero and heroine are called on a quest to fight the supernatural demon army and free possessed souls from perpetual despair.

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Kalani: Shadows of Destiny (Fostering Worlds Book 1)

In a world where ancient prophecies collide with the tumultuous forces of fate, Desiree and Zach find themselves at the heart of a cosmic struggle between The Army of Awry and The Army of Magnar. As they navigate through the immortal world of Kalani, they are torn between love, loyalty, and their past.

As they set off on separate journeys, their stories become ones of self-discovery that unravels and challenges their concepts of realty and faith. Each torn between letting their past go, in order to accept an unknown destiny.

Kalani: Shadows of Destiny is the premiere novel in the science-fiction Fostering Worlds series. It is a gripping tale of love, sacrifice, and the eternal battle between good and evil. Get ready to be transported to a world of breathtaking landscapes, heart-pounding adventures, and emotionally driven characters that will leave and indelible mark on your soul. Join Desiree and Zach as they embark on the ultimate test of faith.

Kalani: Mists of Despair (Fostering Worlds Book 2) Kindle Edition

In the riveting sequel to Kalani: Shadows of Destiny, danger lurks in the ethereal Mists of Despair. Zach and Desiree, joined by allies Yu and Rohan, form a rescue party with a singular mission—to save the abandoned souls ensnared by the malevolent Army of Awry.

As the group ventures deeper into the haunting Mists, they must confront both the formidable challenges of the realm and their own deepest fears. The journey will force them to grapple with moral dilemmas, prioritizing their mission over the countless souls pleading for salvation. The very essence of their characters will be tested as they wield newfound weapons and discover latent powers.

Unique destinies unfold for Zach and Desiree. Desiree emerges as the Ornith, a prophesied figure whose crystalline light banishes evil spirits like a celestial exorcist. Meanwhile, Zach embraces his fate as the Soul-gazer, wielding powers of discernment to traverse realms and ignite faith in the faithless. Will they rise to their calling or succumb to the enemy’s influence?