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Jess Elliott/Hedonistic Hound Press

J. Elliott: A Multi-Talented Creative Force

Gainesville, Florida resident J. Elliott is a powerhouse of creativity! Not only is she a gifted artist and writer, but she’s also the mastermind behind the captivating illustrations for all her books.

Literary Accolades:

Beyond the Page:

Meet Haint Blue:

Fans of J. Elliott’s novel, Monkey Mind, can delve deeper into the world of the captivating character Haint Blue through a dedicated web page.

Stay Connected:

For the latest updates on J. Elliott’s works, follow her on the sites below:

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The Book of Carnacki the Ghost-Finder (The Great Detective Universe 6) Kindle Edition

Ghost Lite Kindle Edition

Uncanny Stout: A Dark, Fortifying Collection of Macabre Stories Kindle Edition

Lady Eleanor Hosts a Séance: A Short Ghost Story

It's a Haint Blue Christmas [Print Replica] Kindle

Monkey Heart (Haint Blue Adventures Along the Path Book 2)

Tales From Kensington: & Other Macabre & Unsettling Offerings