BIO LAB ( Live Zombie Escape Room)

BIO LAB The Human Genome Project is a ZOMBIE outbreak Room. The story is Your Group is getting over Run by Zombies and You Run for Safety to the Nearest Military Base ( Fort Rucker ) Alabama. One of your Party Gets Touched by a Zombie and that's all it takes with this New Wave of The undead to be Infected. Fort Rucker is Home of Aviation and The Newest BIO LAB that Fights Weaponized Viruses with Weaponized Viruses that's what your Buddy Eugene Claims and says it's the Safest place to be and the only chance to Help your Infected Friend. YOU MADE IT and Enter THE BIO LAB to Find the Protective Systems has Locked you in Sensing your Infected Friend. Now the Real Bad News the Center is Missing the Staff and A Zombie Test Subject is out of His Cage and is Eating the One person that has the Override Codes to the Doors. IN 60 Mins your Friend will Turn and Eat you All Unless you Find the Cure and Exit the Building. Hurry the Zombie in the Room will finish his Meal Soon. PS don't ware your best clothes to this one! This Room Can have a Live Actor as ZOMBIE! if Booked and Can play up to 8 Players. Suggested age 10 and up but that's your call. Book Now

Brain Busters Escape Rooms

Are you planning an event and need to add a little magic to the occasion? Titan Magic and Daleville Printing Plus can help with all your party planning needs. 


Mobile escape room games are an excellent, inexpensive way to keep youngsters and adults alike entertained. We have mobile escape games and rooms that work great at backyard parties, school events, youth groups, and family nights. You can pick up our mobile games and easily set them up yourself or we can do it. 


Some of the exciting escape rooms we offer include: 


Mobile Escape Rooms


  • Busting Out
  • BIO Lab




The BIO Lab escape room is considered one of our premium rooms that comes with a Live Actor. 


Children not yet 8 years of age must have an adult accompany them. We ask that at least 3 players play this game–even if you have 2 players, three spots have to be paid for. 


**You must book a Private Room for anyone under 5 years of age. 


Time allotted: This game lasts for about one hour.


Game objectives:


This escape room is a ZOMBIE Outbreak; also a Human Genome Project. During this game, your group will be trying to escape the Zombies that the town has been overrun by. Your mission is to escape and find refuge at the closest military base. That military base is Ft. Rucker, Alabama. 


The undead will be infected should a Zombie touch one of your group members. The home of the newest BIO LAB and Aviation is at Fort Rucker, this is where weaponized viruses are fought using other weaponized viruses. 


This room is equipped with a live Zombie actor. 

Busting Out


This next escape room game is set up for youths / Adults. The costs is minimal at $20 


There is a special price on Sundays for First Responders/Military/ VIP $18


Anyone under 8 years of age is mandated to have an Adult with them at all times. 

Time allotted:  This escape room game takes about an hour to complete. 



Game objectives: 


When you play this game you are going to be handcuffed and shackled for unknown reasons. You will be required to figure out why the FBI is after you and what you have done. 


You will be arrested wrongfully and put on a bus. This bus is some sort of mobile prison that has high tech security. 


The FBI thinks you are a Professional Assassin who has been attempting to kill the President of the United States. What is even worse is there is an active bong in the real assassin’s luggage. It is your job to find and disarm the bomb and escape.  


Other Escape Room Games


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  • Chance to Live 
  • Booty Battle 
  • Game Over 
  • Exodus
  • Jumanji
  • Grinched
  • Passenger #51711

Printing & Photo Booth


When you want to add some extra crazy fun to your events check out our photo booth! With several props available, we are certain to have something to match your event’s theme.  


In addition, if you need T-Shirts made for a family reunion or other large event, we can screen print whatever you need. 

Come on by and check us out!


If all this sounds like something you and your family might enjoy, come out to Titan Magic & Daleville Printing Plus. 


You can contact us in a number of ways. By email: or phone 334-494-5996. Everyone is welcome to stop by the store located at 518 North Daleville Ave., Daleville, AL 36322.  Check us out, we look forward to making your event as fun as possible! 

Busting Out

It's a BIG mistake! I've done NOTHING wrong! Why am I being cuffed and shackled? What do you mean, stop playing dumb?! I don't know them? After picking up the wrong luggage from the Airport you're tackled by the FBI and told to Shut up! You have been wrongfully arrested and placed on a bus. The newly updated bus is a high security mobile prison. They believe you're a Professional Assassin trying to kill the President of the United States It's worse, the assassin's luggage has a active BOMB. The BOMB and assassin both are on the bus Now! You have 1 opportunity to disarm the bomb and escape. (Welcome Prisoner) What will kill you first? The BOMB or the ASSASSIN! Good Luck and watch your back!

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