Sonya Thompson has played many roles over the years from detective to a zombie. These roles have been on prime-time television as well as in major movies. Her most well-known role is that of a zombie in TV’s The Walking Dead

Training and Collaboration

Thompson had the opportunity to train with Candace Mabry, who is an award-winning acting coach. She’s also worked with several amazing directors, including Ruben Fleischer. Finally, she has worked with exemplary makeup artists, including Steven Prouty. 

The Walking Dead

The best-known role in her acting history was the zombie she portrayed in The Walking Dead. When she originally auditioned for the show, she wasn’t aware of what type of show it was. It was only after she received her role that she put it all together and realized it was an apocalypse-themed show. 


She played different zombies between her two seasons with the show. In the first season, she was based downtown and had a scene where she was resting in the back of a car only to be disturbed by Glen Rhee. In the second season, Thomspon was a zombie in the FEMA camp.


Also, because she served as a promo zombie for The Walking Dead, her photos have become some of the most viewed around the world. Her zombie’s face has been featured in many publications, including Entertainment Weekly, Film Ink, SFX Magazine, and many others. Additionally, it has been used to make T-shirts, billboards, DVD covers, posters, and trading cards.

Other Roles

While Thompson is not as well-known for her other roles, she has quite a few projects that she has completed and they are quite diverse. 


    • Sam in Lumber Baron of Jasper County
    • Catherine in LWA: All Saints Eve
    • Victoria Stubaker in Prosper
    • Flo in This Old Machine
    • Detective Chelsea in Ebony Knight
  • Mrs. Wilkes in The Runner
    • Under the Bed Patient in Sick People
    • Victoria the librarian in All Hallows Evil: Lord of the Harvest
  • Jasmine in Sprout
  • Detective in Encuéntrate
  • Main zombie in Zombieland

Final Thoughts

While Thomspon is most known for her zombie roles, she has a diverse work history under her belt. She has become the face of zombies with her image being represented on shirts, movie covers, and posters.