Panel Submission Form

Would you be interested in hosting a panel at the Deep South Para-Comi-Con event? Complete the following regarding this panel and submit it to us.  We will review your submission and give you final approval prior to the date of the event. 


Panelists are responsible for their own accommodations


If your panel is approved by us, as a panelist all travel and other accommodations are your sole responsibility.  However, the  DPSCC will provide free admission to the event to all approved panelists. 


Strict deadline for submission


For obvious reasons, we have a strict deadline for the completion and submission of your application request to host a panel. No applications will be acknowledged past the deadline of August 01, 2022. This deadline allows us to approve/deny panel requests, as well as permits the approved panelists to prepare. 

Special Note: Due to scheduling conflicts and rapidly filling time slots, get your request in early!