In 2006, Shawn Sellers established the Southern Paranormal Researchers (SPR).  He is an Authority on the Occult, an author, teacher, lecturer, and paranormal researcher. Mr. Sellers is also in possession of a Religious Studies degree. 


In addition, Shawn set up the Haunted Montgomery Tours, in which he participates as a tour guide. The Southern Paranormal Researchers (SPR) and Haunted Montgomery Tours are situated within Montgomery, AL.  


Mr. Sellers has handled a variety of paranormal cases all over the United States. These cases include those of dark entities, spirits, cold case topics, unknown mysteries, and even Unidentifiable Flying Objects (UFOs). 


As an added note, Shawn Sellers has endeavored with many bureaus regarding SRA.  This includes cases of missing persons, Ritualistic and Occult crimes, and even cold cases. 


Find out more about Shawn by reaching out to him at his email address.