Leitreanna “Lei” Terry Brown is a Reiki and Qigong Master, Medium, Minister, Parapsychologist, and Case Manager with the Paranormal Spiritual Warfare Alliance Team. She is also a board member in the South Carolina area and has recently served with the American Independent Orthodox bishop, David Marquardt Biery. 


Ms. Brown has endeavored as a researcher, offering her services as an Exorcist. She has assisted  her clients and their loved ones in clarifying the cause of intense hauntings. She remained in near proximity and committed to the exorcism from start to finish. 


As a fourth-generation investigator of the paranormal, Leitreanna has been fortunate in finding some astonishing locales to investigate. She has traveled considerably during her career, which has taken her to a variety of locations, including Europe. 


Leitreanna has studied three various forms of energy as a student and Reiki Master. Using this knowledge considerably for communication and paranormal studies. At this time she is authoring a book on ghost stories and acute cases of the paranormal.  In addition, Ms. Brown is the PROS site’s webmaster. 


Leitreanna is the Author of  Family Spirit: The Origins of Four Generations of the Supernatural“. You will be able to purchase her book on Amazon.

Leitreanna has worn many hats and won more than 250 crowns during her career such as:

  • Being the spokes model for Michelin, Black Velvet, Matilda Bay, Miss English Leather, and Pepsi. 
  • Acting as the BelleChere Pageant emcee as well as the Ashville, NC Balloon Races. 
  • Miss Savannah River and Miss Cover Girl Queen.

Leitreanna Brown has been featured in the following media events: 

  • Being featured in Hollywood Entertainment News and Bali’s Who Magazine.
  • World and Google TV’s  Family Spirit hostess. 
  • The guest speaker on more than 107 radio broadcasts. 

The Ghost Inside My Child, Episode 1, Season 1, premiere episode featured not only Leitreanna but her family. Additionally, during the 2013 season, filming My Ghost Story as well as two featured segments of two opening Spring shows. 

Come see Lei  this September 23-24, 2022 at Deep South Paranormal Comi Con



Matthew Brown

Matthew lived in a very violently haunted home as a child and has had practical experience growing up, dealing with spiritual activities that many people have never even seen.

At 15 years old, he took on a cursed house and conquered. He is in the Army, and is a veteran. He is a Reiki Master and has taught many people about energy and how it works. He is the founder of Paranormal Research Organization of the Southeast (Paranormal PROS) and is a Professor at Piedmont Technical College teaching with his wife, Leitreanna Brown, on Parapsychology.
He co-authors the Family Spirit books through Mike Ricksecker’s publishing, Haunted Road Media. Matthew and Leitreanna have their 2nd installment of 5 books coming out before the end of 2022 entitled Family Spirit, A Journey with Crypts and Cryptids.
Matthew’s book about his experiences in a violently haunted home, was filmed and aired as “The Coven” on Paranormal Witness. He was also on the premiere episode of Ghost Inside My Child with his son, Elijah Brown, My Ghost Story Caught on Camera, “The Screenwriter and the Soldier.” 

Come see Matthew this September 23-24, 2022 at Deep South Paranormal Comi Con