We at Deep South Para-comi-con want everyone to be safe and have a good time. Therefore, we have set some policies in motion to assure that all attendes, members, staff, speakers, vendors, etc…are as safe as possible. Below are the do’s and don’ts for having weapons at our Events.


Replica Guns (You know the ones that look real but aren’t?)

  • Make sure to see the projectile weapons section below. These Must have a orange tip present. Also, keep in your mind that Deep South Para-comi-con security and any local law enforcement officials will consider it a real weapon  and will treat it as such. 

Real Firearms

  • Under no circumstances are real firearms allowed at Deep South Para-comi-con. Even if you have a permit to carry they are not allowed.  Deep South Para-comi-con security and local law enforcement officials will treat it as areal weapon if it looks like one. 

Projectile Weapons

  • This type of weapon MUST be a peace bound and non-functioning. This will include anything from Bows to airsoft replicas to (from the weapons policy) silly-string guns. All props that are triggered are required to be peacebound in the rear position so as the trigger is completely pulled back. All batteries  must be removed if possible. ABSOLUTELY no ammunition of any kind is allowed in the costume prop.

Bladed weapons

  • All weapons with any kind of blade must be peacebound and  sheathed in a fashion that prevents unsheathing. Bladed Weapons include knives, machetes, swords, claws etc..



  • Although, bats are not completely prohibited at the Con. If your character has a bat or use a wooden staff it might be beneficial to create one from foam as a prop. Sometimes it is best to be safe than sorry. Stay out of trouble and have fun. Don’t swing your prop around or throw it over your shoulder. Playing around can accidently cause harm in a crowd.


  • If you are cosplaying as a character with a “modified”, weapon that is bat-like  (ala Negan with Lucille), please do not use real barbed wire on the bat. In addition, add a real ax blade to the end of a bat, don’t drive any real nails into a bat, or something else similiar.


  • All bows must not have a real string. It is just effective to use a little yarn to demonstrate without adding any tension.. Arrows should be fastened inside a quiver in such a way they can’t be removed.  


Wolverine Claws

  • If they are made of non-flexible hard plastic or metal, you can’t wear it on your hands. These will count as a bladed weapon, and considering that the wolverine claws are exposed and are not sheathed, then unless you can find some other creative way to abide by our policy, these aren’t allowed. You can use a soft foam or some other soft material to imitate this costume item.


Battle Gauntlets/Spiked gloves

  • Rounded edges/nubs only. Sharp spikes are capable of causing booboos.